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teddyboy sinclair

studio assistant


TeddyBoy Sinclair, a tuxedo alley cat of indeterminate origin, arrived on my doorstep via the Humane Society of Calvert County (Maryland).

He was without a home, but had discovered a generous family who fed him outdoors throughout a cold winter.  When they had to move to Texas, the family contacted the Humane Society who agreed to take him in and find a home.  Tired of a nomadic existence and cold snow drifts, TeddyBoy, requested a home with an artist as he had always fancied himself as a studio assistant.  So he ended up in my home, where he spends his days helping me in my studio.

When he’s not drinking wine or beer, playing poker, or indulging in kitty pot, he reads books, or pushes them off the studio table, chooses the paint brushes, or pushes them off the table, or shuffles paper.  Actually, I couldn’t ask for a better studio assistant.